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1. What is Housing First?
2. Why is Everett providing housing to the chronically homeless?
3. How many individuals are chronically homeless in Everett?
4. Who is homeless in Everett?
5. Why are they homeless? Do they choose to be homeless?
6. Why is chronic homelessness so prevalent?
7. Who will develop and operate the proposed supportive housing facility?
8. Where will the supportive housing facility be located?
9. Who will live in the supportive housing facility?
10. What will the facility offer? How will it be managed?
11. Will the facility enforce a code of conduct for residents?
12. Will the facility have a negative effect on the surrounding neighborhood?
13. Won't the housing attract more homeless to Everett?
14. Why did Everett select this model (single-access point) and not tiny house village or something else?
15. What about providing housing for youth and families?
16. Is this a treatment center?
17. How is this different than unregulated “clean and sober” housing?
18. Why didn't the City notify nearby neighbors before selecting a preferred location?
19. Has the site choice been finalized?
20. Did you consider locations closer to services the residents will need?
21. Why is the City helping people who have no interest in helping themselves?
22. What is crime like in this neighborhood now? How have facilities in other communities affected crime rates?
23. Where else has CHS built a facility like this near single-family homes?
24. We know that access to the facility is controlled, but what about people wandering the neighborhood?
25. Why would you locate the supportive housing facility near a pot shop?
26. Where can we find the studies that have been referenced in meetings?
27. Will the fire training facility stay at this same location?
28. Does Catholic Housing Services financially benefit from this?
29. How many other facilities does the City plan to build? Where will you put them if this was the only spot available?
30. Will the City make any improvements in the neighborhood to help with traffic and other issues?
31. What happens to a resident who violates the lease terms?
32. Who is the contact for the neighborhood if we have questions about the project?
33. How is this project being funded?
34. Will there be extra patrols in the neighborhood?
35. Why should taxpayers pay for this facility when the residents are not required to be in treatment?
36. What will the building look like?
37. How will the building be maintained so that it is not run down?
38. Will the City add trash pick-up around the facility?
39. Why is it critical that this facility use a “Housing First” approach?
40. Why does it have to have 70 units?
41. What does success look like for individuals living in supportive housing?
42. What services will be offered on-site?
43. Is the project really cost effective?