City Council

The Everett City Council is the legislative branch of city government that represents city residents in establishing both policy and legislative direction to the administrative branch of city government for current and future needs. 

Meeting Schedule

Effective Feb. 22, 2023: Council has been meeting at 12:30pm every 4th Wednesday of each month; however, we are transitioning to all evening meetings starting at 6:30pm every Wednesday, unless notified otherwise.

Effective Jan. 11, 2023: Anyone entering Everett City Council chambers will be required to walk through a metal detector prior to entry. City of Everett staff is permitted to bypass the metal detector by showing proper credentials. The public and COE staff are permitted to bring personal items such as purses, bags and laptop computers into council chambers.

Council headshots, group

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provides citizen representation for the City of Everett
  • Gives direction to the City in identifying and addressing priority needs for the City through legislative authority
  • Establishes policy direction to the Administrative branch of City government
  • Promotes the economic growth and vitality of the City through local, state and national involvement on boards, commissions, and committees