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Request Free Supplies & Staff Assistance for Multi-Family Recycling

  1. Please use this form to request free supplies or technical assistance for multi-family recycling.
  2. Recycling Tote Bin
    blue recycling tote_400x400.jpg
    Free while supplies last.
  3. Indoor Composting Bin
    Kitchen Container_400x400.jpg
    Free while supplies last.
  4. Stickers - Mixed Paper & Cardboard
    Mixed Paper Cardboard400x560.jpg
    Free while supplies last.
  5. Stickers - Plastic, Metal & Glass
    Plastic Metal Glass_400x560.jpg
    Free while supplies last.
  6. What free supplies would you like? Check all boxes that apply.
  7. Flyers
  8. Bins
  9. Vinyl Stickers
  10. Laminated Posters
  11. How can we help you?
  12. Everett
  13. Other than English, what are the languages spoken at your multi-family complex?
  14. Thank you for completing this form.
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