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  1. By pledging to Scoop the Poop, you are helping protect Everett’s waterways, kids, pets and community members. 

    Thank you for doing your part by being a responsible dog owner.


    I pledge to scoop the poop at home, rain or shine.

    I pledge to scoop the poop on walks every time.

    I pledge to scoop it, bag it, and put it in the trash.

    Type your name below to pledge to these actions.

  3. Picture of guilty-looking dog with the words "My doody is your duty."
  4. Thanks for taking the pledge to Scoop the Poop!

    If you live in Everett city limits, we’d like to thank you with a free pet waste kit*. The kit includes all you need to scoop the poop, rain or shine.

    Pet waste kit includes:

    • portable mini-flashlight, to light your way on those night bathroom runs
    • roll of pet waste bags, so you are not left bagless
    • waste bag carrier, to remain hands-free while taking bag to trash can

     *All items attach to your pet’s leash for easy access at all times. Available while supplies last. Must live with Everett city limits to be eligible. Limit of two kits per household.

    Thank you pet waste kit

    These free pet waste kits can be either mailed to you or picked up at our offices, beginning May 9. Kits can be picked up at Public Works, 3200 Cedar St, Everett WA. Please contact to schedule your pickup time.

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    If you would like us to mail your kit, please enter the information below.

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