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Public Works

  1. 2019 Stormwater Management Program comment form

    Everett asks city residents to comment on Everett's 2019 Stormwater Management Program

  2. Contact the Public Works ADA Compliance Team

    Please submit questions, comments or concerns. You will get a response from a member of the Public Works ADA Compliance Team.

  3. Public Works Service Request

    Everett Public Works Department Service Request Email Submittal Form

  4. Request Free Supplies & Staff Assistance for Multi-Family Recycling

    This form is for multi-family property managers and/or residents to use to request supplies and technical assistance from the Recycling... More…

  1. City of Everett Address Request

    For new address requests and to resolve posted addressing discrepancies for buildings and roads.

  2. Grand Ave Park Bridge Comments

    A place for people to comment on the GAPB project or share a concern about the project.

  3. Report a traffic concern

    Report concerns with vehicular, bike or pedestrian traffic access.

  4. Stormwater Management Program Citizen Comment Form

    Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) citizen comment form.