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COVID-19 Complaint Form

  1. COVID-19 Complaints
    Everett Police reminds the public not to call 911 to report potential violations of local, county and state COVID-19 orders. 911 must be reserved for those needing immediate emergency assistance.
  2. Confidential?*
    Information collected by the City of Everett is considered public and will be released through a public records request process per RCW 42.56. Unless otherwise noted, your information will be publicly released upon request.
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  3. Notice
    Governor Inslee has issued several orders regarding the health of Washingtonians and wearing of face masks in public and business operation. Residents may have concerns and want to report suspected violations.
  4. Review
    If you file a complaint through the City of Everett, it will be reviewed within two (2) business days. Based on the information provided, your complaint may be forwarded to the appropriate agency for further review.
  5. Provide as much information as possible in your complaint so it can be properly investigated. Include business name, location, and violations observed.
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