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Streatery temporary parking zone closure request form

  1. Describe the boundaries of your closure, the location and number of parking spaces you intend to convert
  2. If there's a curb cut ramp nearby, please describe the route your customers would take to access your proposed dining area. You may also purchase, rent or build an ADA compliant ramp. City of Everett staff can assist you by providing more information.
  3. Have you notified the businesses adjacent to you about of your plan?
  4. What type of parking is proposed to be converted? *
  5. Are any accessible parking spaces closed as part of this request? *
  6. This doesn't need to be complicated. A marked up Google map or simple sketch will be sufficient.
  7. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions*
  8. Terms and conditions
    The City of Everett and utility contractors reserve the right to request the removal of any parking or sidewalk closures authorized under this permit if necessary to provide access for maintenance or upgrade to infrastructure located within the right-of-way (ROW). Once any necessary work is completed and restoration is complete all impacted Streatery closures could be restored. The removal and restoration of any parking or sidewalk closures impacted by this permit condition shall be the responsibility of Economic Development and/or the benefiting business(es). No barricades, tables, or other infrastructure placed within the ROW under this permit may be directly attached to the road or sidewalk surface. No infrastructure placed under this permit may adversely impact any existing City infrastructure, including the storm drainage system or traffic sign and signal network. This permit only allows for the closure of parking lanes and adjacent sidewalk areas for the setup of Streatery outdoor dining areas. Businesses using Streatery outdoor dining areas established under this permit shall be responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permits and approvals from the City of Everett, the Snohomish Health District, the State of Washington, and any other relevant agencies, including compliance with the Governor's Order regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Accessibility shall be maintained along the public sidewalk adjacent to any Streatery closure. At a minimum an accessibly pedestrian route shall be maintained along the entire length of the Streatery closure. This accessible route shall have a minimum width of one half of the total sidewalk width and not less than 4 feet on sidewalks with a total width of less than 8 feet. Accessibility shall be maintained between the public sidewalk and all portions of the Streatery closure area. At a minimum a 4 foot wide accessible transition shall be provided between the sidewalk and the parking lane grades, with a barrier including a cane detectable edge installed along any portions of the curb separating the sidewalk and the parking lane where an accessible transition is not provided. This permit is valid August 1st, 2020 until October 31st, 2020. This permit may be extended upon request from Economic Development if government-mandated indoor dining restrictions remain in effect after October 31, 2020. If indoor dining restrictions are completely lifted prior to the expiration of this permit, then all Streatery parking closures would need to be removed within 1 week of the complete reopening of indoor dining. In the event this permit is terminated by either party, for any reason, Applicant/Operating Business Owner agrees to remove all property not owned by the City from the above described property and shall restore the property to the satisfaction of the City. Such removal and restoration shall be completed within 1 week of termination of the permit. Applicant/Operating Business Owner further agrees that in the event it shall fail to remove property and restore the location to the satisfaction of the City as is required by this permit, the un-removed property shall become the property of the City and that the City shall be entitled to remove the property and dispose of the property. Any expense incurred by the City in removing the property, disposing of the property, and restoring the location shall be paid by the business owner operating the location immediately upon rendition of the costs thereof. This right is in addition to any other right the City may have at law or in equity. Termination of this permit shall not relieve Applicant/Operating Business Owner of any liability or responsibility incurred herein. By commencing operation, the Business Owners operating within each permitted Streatery area hereby agree to hold and save harmless, defend, and indemnify the City of Everett from any and all claims arising out of, in connection with, or incident to any acts, errors, omissions, or conducts by Operating Business Owner (or its employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors/subconsultants) for damages, costs, expenses, or causes of action that may arise because of right-of-way use here to applied for and further agrees to remove same upon notice from the City and to replace public property damaged thereby. All Streatery sites shall comply with the City of Everett Noise Ordinance to minimize excessive noise that interferes with the reasonable use of a residential property. Noise from Streatery sites is not allowed 10:00PM – 7:00AM unless a variance has been issued. Sites wishing a variance from the noise ordinance must submit an application at least 30 days prior to commencing work. Please visit the following website for more information
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