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Am I Eligible for a CHIP Loan?


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  • Step One

    1. Do you own your own home?
      (you are not renting and may have an existing mortgage)
    2. Is your home located within the city limits of Everett, WA?
    3. Do you have equity in your home, based on its assessed value?
      (equity is the assessed value of the home minus the amount you owe on your mortgage and/or other equity loans or liens)
    4. Is your household income within the limits posted on the program's main page?
    5. Do you have liquid assets or a combined checking/savings account balance that exceeds $40,000?
    6. Do you have a reverse mortgage?
    7. Are you current with your mortgage payments & taxes?
      (all loan & tax payments are up to date/ no delinquencies)
    8. Do you estimate that the repair costs to your home will exceed $5,000?

      (CHIP does not provide minor home repair services)

    9. Is your home currently listed for sale or to you plan to sell within the next 12 months?