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Shelter Rental Application

  1. Call 425-257-8300 ext. 2 to check date availability. Reservations must be made at least two business days ahead of rental date.

  2. 9am-dusk is the allowed timeframe for a picnic shelter rental
  3. If applicable
  4. Must be over 18 to rent a facility.

  5. Groups over 200 people may be required to pay for a dumpster at the current rate.
  6. Is the event open to the public?*
  7. Are you advertising to the public?*
  8. I understand large recreation equipment such as a dunk tank, moon walk/bounce house, miniature train, etc. are not permitted.*
  9. Are you charging admission for your event? This includes both on and offsite admission sales.*
  10. Will you be decorating the facility?*
  11. Will you be serving food or beverages?*

    Alcohol is not allowed in Everett parks or shelters.

  12. Are you planning to have vendors or entertainment at your event?*
  13. Are you planning to have amplified music or a PA system at your rental?*
  14. Will you be erecting any structures such as canopies or tents? *
  15. How did you hear about our facilities?
  16. After submitting, you will be contact via phone or email to pay with a Visa or Master Card.
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