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Arboretum Use Application

  1. Rates are: Monday-Thursday $150 September-June/$200 July-August Friday-Sunday $200 September-June/$250 July-August; call 425-257-8300 ext. 2 to check date availability
  2. Maximum of four hours allowed
  3. if applicable
  4. Maximum of 100 allowed  

  5. Names/Event information - i.e. John & Jane's Wedding, Celebration of Life for Ed, etc.

  6. Arboretum Use Agreement*
  7. Will your event be open to the public? Most Arboretum uses are for private use only. Public rentals may be subject to a Special Use Application permit process.*
  8. Are you advertising to the public?*
  9. If event is open to the public -*

    I understand that if my event is open to the public and there are vendors scheduled to attend, a short-term vendor application must be completed by them to be present at the event.

  10. Are you charging admission to your event? This includes both on and offsite admission sales.*
  11. Will you be decorating?*
  12. Will you be serving food and beverages?*
  13. Will there be live or amplified music at your event?*
  14. Are you renting equipment from a third-party vendor? (Must drop off and pick up items during your selected rental time frame)*
  15. Will you be erecting any structures such as tents? If so, please describe.*
  16. I understand that large recreation equipment such as a dunk tank, moon walk/bounce house, miniature train, etc. are not allowed in the parks.*
  17. I understand that fireworks, or other combustion consumer products are not to be used in parks. This includes audible devices, aerial devices, and material devices (such as powder/smoke bombs)*
  18. Arboretum Use Guidelines*
  19. How did you hear about this facility?
  20. After submitting, you will be contacted via phone or email to pay with a Visa or Master Card.
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