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Neighborhood Grant Idea Submission

  1. About this form:
    Submit your idea for a community project in your neighborhood! Your idea and contact information will be forwarded to the project location's corresponding neighborhood association for consideration. A few project examples: Community gardens, neighborhood cleanups, community events, park improvements, be creative!
  2. Where would the project take place? Please give the, neighborhood, name of the location and/or address.
  3. Please describe your project idea in detail: What and who would be involved? How would it improve your neighborhood and engage fellow community members? How will it be maintained in the long term?
  4. Please list the resources that this project might require: How much would the project cost? What materials would it need? How many volunteers? Please be as specific as possible. Example: 3 pine trees ($20 each), 1 shovel (borrowed), 10 flowers ($2.50 each), 5 day-of volunteers
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