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Location Form For Film Permit

  1. Request for Master Film Permit for Public Property
  2. Location Form Applications Must Be Submitted Electronically Via This Form
    A separate location form is required for each public filming location
  3. Location Information
  4. Day 1
  5. Day of Week
  6. Start Time/End Time
  7. Day 2
  8. Day of Week
  9. Start Time/End Time
  10. Day 3
  11. Day of Week
  12. Start Time/End Time
  13. A separate Noise Variance is required for any exterior film work or equipment load-in taking place outside of regular work hours (7am to 10 pm on weekdays;9am to 10 pm on weekends). Sign-offs from adjacent neighbors will be required for work outside of regular hours. See Everett Film Manual for more information.
  14. B-Roll/Scenic Filming
  15. To be considered "b-roll/scenic a production must meet all of the following criteria:
  16. Five or less total cast and crew
  17. No interruption to pedestrian activity
  18. Only one camera
  19. No electrical generation, wires, cables run, or lights set up
  20. Outdoor production only
  21. Public parking will not be impacted
  22. Traffic control not required
  23. Not filming in City Park
  24. Filming Details
  25. Community Notification
  26. All residents/businesses in at least a one-block radius from filming activity must be notified in writing a minimum of 72 hours prior to filming. Sign-offs from adjacent neighbors will be required for work outside of regular hours. See Everett Film Manual for more information.
  27. City Resources
  28. Street Parking
  29. Street parking spaces can be reserved only for working production vehicles. No cast, crew or personal vehicles are allowed. See Everett Film Manual for more information. Your location map must show street parking spaces designated in this section.
  30. Police Staffing
  31. Film companies are required to have police services if filmproduction requires traffic control and revisions, weapons (replicas or real) safety hazards, filming depicting police activity (detectives/police making arrests with handcuff, etx.) or unusual circumstances which could create alarm to the citizens of the City. Fees for required police staffing will be paid by Film Company. See Everett Film Manual for more information.
  32. Additional City Staffing
  33. Under some circumstances, additional City staffing may be required for the use of some facilities at an additional cost. If applicable, the Film Office wil ldiscuss with you upon review of your application. See Everett Film Manual for more information.
  34. Location Map
  35. A detailed map is required for each location, including the following information relevant to your production
  36. Filming Activity
  37. Location(s) of camera and other equipment
  38. Location(s) of generator
  39. Exact Parking Locations
  40. No Parking barricade locations
  41. Production Vehicle Parking
  42. Traffic Control
  43. Street closures or intermittent traffic control
  44. Sidewalk closures or intermittent pedestrian control
  45. Directon of moving vehcles for driving shots
  46. Any other significant space usage
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