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Creative District Survey

  1. About you
    This information helps us learn a little bit about you. It also helps us identify what communities we've connected with, and those we may have missed.
  2. Gender
  3. Which of these describes you?
  4. Which of these describes you?
  5. When there isn't a global pandemic, which of these arts and cultural activities do you participate in most?
  6. General short answer questions
    Briefly answer the following questions. Skip any that are not relevant to you.
  7. Imagine you're telling a friend about the things you like about Everett. What would you tell them?
  8. Imagine you're telling a friend about the things you dislike about Everett. What would you tell them?
  9. Things like: events, training, education, housing, shows, festivals, meetups, networking, public art, etc.
  10. How do you generally learn about arts events and arts resources?
  11. Imagining a future creative district
    Your answers to the following questions will help us set a vision and goals to create a better future for the creative economy in Everett.
  12. We know it's a broad question. Dream big and imagine the best possible future for all.
  13. What do you hope that the Creative District focuses on over the next 3-5 years? Select top THREE
  14. To gain Creative District certification from the State of Washington, our Creative Districts must be a designated, contiguous geographic area. It has to be accessible and easily navigable with a concentration of artistic or cultural activities.
  15. Closing thoughts
  16. Can we contact you in the future about the Creative District project?
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