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2020 Sorticulture Vendor Survey

  1. Please Note!
    This survey is intended to do two things: 1) Gain insights from our vendors as we explore the possibility of hosting a modified, physical version of Sorticulture in late summer 2020. This is not an application to a physical event. If we're able to host a physical event, we will send out information and a link to apply. 2) Gain information so we can "host" a "Digital Sorticulture" this summer on our website. This would list your business on our website and provide information for patrons to purchase from you. We plan to host a "Digital Sorticultre" regardless of whether or not we host a physical event.
  2. Physical Sorticulture
  3. If we're able to host version of Sorticulture in late summer, which of the following weekends would work for your business?
    Select all that apply
  4. Of the weekends listed above, which would you MOST prefer?
    Select one option only!
  5. "Digital Sorticulture"
    Whether or not we host a physical Sorticulture this year, we would like to extend an invitation to all vendors that we booked for our original scheduled event. We plan to keep things simple and list vendors on a web page along with information on how to order.
  6. What is the best method for a person to order from you?
  7. Please submit other comments/questions here, thanks!
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