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City Council virtual public comment registration form

  1. Instructions

    All community participants must fill out the online speaker sheet completely.  For assistance, please contact the council office at 425-257-8703 or

    Participants must submit this form at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting (by 6 pm).

    After the public comment form is submitted, the community member will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link and phone number to the meeting. 

    Forms submitted after that time will not receive the Zoom link/number to speak, but may still participate the day of the meeting  by submitting comments to  

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  4. Required to receive meeting link and/or phone number.

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  6. Participating in a city council meeting:
    1. Each person is responsible for their internet or phone connection to the meeting; no action will be invalidated on the grounds that the loss of or poor quality of a person’s individual connection prevented him or her from participating in a meeting.
    2. Participants need to join by the beginning of meeting for non-agenda items or before their agenda item they wish to speak about.
    3. All speakers must respect the 3-minute time limit to allow everyone an opportunity to speak.
    4. The meeting host will give participants the ability to unmute themselves and turn on their camera when it is their time to speak.
      • Participants will mute their microphone when not speaking. 
      • Participants connecting via the Zoom app are expected to turn on their device's camera when it is their turn to speak, if possible.
    5. Speakers must connect to Zoom using the same name or phone number listed on this form in order to be called on when it is their time to speak.
    6. City staff may direct the muting or temporarily disconnect a participant if the subject is disruptive, makes inappropriate remarks or speaking when not recognized.
    7. The following comments are not allowed: comments on any kind of campaigning – whether for or against ballot measures or candidates running for office; comments focused on PERSONAL MATTERS that are unrelated to City business.
    8. Those who wish to listen to the council meeting by phone (and not provide comment), you may call 425-616-3920 conference ID 724 887 726#.  This line will be silent until the meeting begins.  
    9. Once public comments are completed, Zoom will be closed, but you may continue to watch the meeting by going to City of Everett - YouTube.
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