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Everett For Everett Safe Start operations information phase two

  1. Phase two business questionnaire
    As we move through the phases of reopening, we want to help Everett businesses and inform the public about which business are open and how they're operating under phase two guidelines. Please submit your information here to be published on
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  6. For example, if you're a salon that's open and serving clients to the fullest extent allowed under the phase two guidelines, you would say, "we're open under phase two guidelines and currently taking clients." Or, as another example, let's say you're a restaurant that's not quite ready to reopen, you could say, "we're still only doing curbside, but plan to open to phase two capacity on xx date."
  7. If applicable
  8. Please list anything you'd like customers to know about how you're prioritizing their safety.
  9. For example: do they need a reservation? Are you requiring face covers? Please share a brief list of what you want your customers to know before they visit your business.
  10. Do you have additional information to add? Please share it here.
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