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No-fee business license renewal registration

  1. New no-fee applicants: You may apply online on FileLocal to qualify for the no-fee business registration.

  2. Do you qualify for a no-fee business license registration renewal?

    This form should only be used for current Everett business account holders to apply for a no-fee license.

  3. If you answer YES to both of these questions, you qualify for a no-fee business license registration
  4. Please provide us with your current Everett business license number
  5. Does your business reside outside the city limits of Everett?
  6. Do you anticipate your gross proceeds of sales or gross income of the business in the city is equal to or less than $5,000?
  7. Once submitted, your account will be updated to reflect your no-fee license registration for the year. The city will validate the minimum threshold of business activity at year's end. If the Business Tax Division has any questions regarding your no-fee registration we will contact you with the information on file. No-fee registration renewal accounts are required to file an annual tax return. 

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