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Boards & Commissions

  1. Boards and Commissions Application
  2. Districting community meeting RSVP

    RSVP to one of the six community meetings to discuss the proposed city council districting map.

  1. Districting community feedback

    Provide feedback to the Districting Commission

  2. Youth Advisory Board Application

Clerk's Office

  1. Expressive Activity Special Event Permit Application

    An expressive activity event is.... ◦an event in which the sole purpose to express, or communicate opinions, views, or ideas. ◦No... More…

  2. Neighborhood Block Party Permit Application

    • No permit fee required • Other fees may apply - Late Fees • 30 days for City review

  3. Request to close City of Everett business license

    Request to close City of Everett business license

  4. Small Special Event Permit Application

    • Permit fee for 2023: $124 • Other fees may apply • 60 days for City review • For fewer than 100 attendees

  1. Large Special Event Permit Application

    • Permit fee for 2023: $310 • Other fees may apply • Please allow 90 days for City review • For 100 or more attendees

  2. No-fee business license renewal registration

    Do you qualify for a no-fee renewal license?

  3. Small Expressive Activity Notification

    • Small expressive activity • Fewer than 100 attendees

  4. Voluntary disclosure program application

Code Enforcement


    Form used to submit complaints for violations of Everett Municipal Code.

  2. Request for an ADA Accommodation

    Form used for residential property owners to give the City permission to have contractor remove graffiti from private property.

Cultural Arts

  1. Creative District Survey
  2. Master Film Permit

    Use this form to submit an application for a film permit in the City of Everett.

  1. Location Form For Film Permit

    Use this form to submit an application for a film permit in the City of Everett.

Emergency Management

  1. CERT Class Interest Form
  1. Volunteer Snow Measurements

    Everett Registered Emergency Workers and volunteers can use this form to submit snowfall measurements during a snow event to build... More…

Human Resources

  1. Request for Temporary Construction Noise Variance

    This is form is to request a temporary variance to allow for nighttime construction work.

Mayor's Office

  1. Community Streets Initiative & Safe Streets Feedback Form

    Share a concern or ask a question about the City's efforts to address street-level social issues in our community.

  2. Housing Forum Question

    Please submit your question regarding permanent supportive housing.

  3. Mayor's speaking engagement
  4. Questions for the Mayor - Community Sharing Sessions at the Library

    Anonymously leave a pre-meeting question for the Mayor

  5. Safe Streets: Low-barrier, supportive housing

    Ask a question or share feedback about low-barrier, supportive housing

  1. Contact the Mayor
  2. Invite the Mayor to an Event
  3. Q&A with Cassie - submit your question
  4. Questions for the Mayor - Department Dialogues

    Anonymously leave a pre-meeting question for the Mayor.


  1. Community Sparks Exit Survey

    Thank you for participating in the Community Sparks program and for all of your hard work to spark connections in our community! Please... More…

  2. Neighborhood Grant Idea Submission

    Submit your ideas for a community project in your neighborhood!

  1. Council of Neighborhoods Application

Planning and Community Development

  1. Am I Eligible for a CHIP Loan?

    Form to determine if a household meets the basic criteria for obtaining a CHIP loan.

  2. Streatery temporary parking zone closure request form

    Fill out this form if you wish to create a temporary outdoor dining space in the parking zone.

  1. Map Everett suggestion form

    Let us know what you would like to see on the interactive map.

Prosecutor's Office

  1. Unavailable Witness

    If you cannot attend court on the assigned day, please explain why. BE AWARE THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE YOU FROM COURT. If necessary, someone... More…

Public Works

  1. 2019 Stormwater Management Program comment form

    Everett asks city residents to comment on Everett's 2019 Stormwater Management Program

  2. Contact the Public Works ADA Compliance Team

    Please submit questions, comments or concerns. You will get a response from a member of the Public Works ADA Compliance Team.

  3. Grand Ave Park Bridge Comments

    A place for people to comment on the GAPB project or share a concern about the project.

  4. Report a traffic concern

    Report concerns with vehicular, bike or pedestrian traffic access.

  1. City of Everett Address Request

    For new address requests and to resolve posted addressing discrepancies for buildings and roads.

  2. Free supplies & staff assistance for multifamily recycling

    This form is for multifamily property managers and/or residents to use to request supplies and technical assistance from the Recycling... More…

  3. Public Works Service Request

    Everett Public Works Department Service Request Email Submittal Form

  4. Stormwater Management Program Citizen Comment Form

    Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) citizen comment form.


  1. Contact the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

    Please submit questions or concerns. You will get a response from either the TAC committee chair, the City Engineer, or the City... More…

Web Team

  1. City of Everett User Survey: Web, Social Media & Video

    Please use this form to provide the Communications team with feedback regarding the City's use of web, Everett Channel, and social... More…