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1. I live in Everett, who is my service provider?
2. How do I contact Rubatino Refuse Removal for service rates and information?
3. How do I contact Waste Management Northwest for service rates and information?
4. My service provider did not pick up my garbage and/or recycling, what do I do?
5. I have a complaint or issue with my service provider, what should I do?
6. Does the City of Everett have contracts with Rubatino Refuse Removal and Waste Management?
7. Where do I get recycling bins?
8. Can I haul my garbage and recycling?
9. What do I do with bulky items (sofas, mattresses, and furniture larger than 3 feet)?
10. What do I do with items that are not collected curbside?
11. Where do I recycle fire extinguishers, oil-based paints, and other household hazardous waste?
12. How can I recycle, donate or dispose of my vehicle?