Where am I allowed to park or store my RV or tiny home?

You may not park an RV or tiny home in required setbacks, except as follows:

  • 1- or 2-unit dwelling. Parking may be located within the front or street side setbacks on a driveway that meets city design standards unless on an easement access lot, in an historic overlay zone or in the front setback for alley access lots.

  • Multiple family. Parking may be located within the rear setback when access is from an alley, or within the rear setback when meeting outdoor and communion area requirements, landscaping and screening requirements, and when not abutting a single-family zone.

(See EMC 19.34.100)

Parking that is located outside of the front and street side setback areas may use surface materials in accordance with city design standards, provided, however, that parking in the area between a street-facing façade and the street must be on a paved surface.  (See EMC 19.34.120)

A minimum of 60% of the required front setback fronting a public street and a required street side setback shall be landscaped exclusive of any type of impervious surface or gravel or any other similar material. If a permitted driveway or off-street parking area is within the setback, the required landscaped area can be reduced to 40%. Landscaping shall consist primarily of grass or other living ground cover, shrubs, and/or trees.  (See EMC 19.35.050.D)

No person shall allow on property outside of a fulling enclosed structure any vehicle parts or other articles of personal property which are discarded or left in a state of partial construction or repair, or any utility trailers or unmounted camper tops located in a front yard or side yard abutting a public or private street unless it is located on a lawful driveway.  (See EMC 8.20.020)

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