How do I reserve street parking?
Street parking spaces can only be reserved for working production vehicles (i.e., grip & electric, props, wardrobe, camera) or other equipment trucks.
In your Location Form, describe in detail the parking spaces you wish to reserve and show the exact spaces you wish to reserve in your accompanying map.
City of Everett Traffic Engineering Department will prepare a no-cost permit for the crew to use street parking. The production company is responsible for renting, setting up, and "verifying" no-parking barricades at least 72 hours in advance to reserve the parking area.

There are local companies that rent “NO PARKING” signs:
AABCO – (800) 559-6212
National Barricade – (800) 884-4045

Signage on the barricades indicating the days and hours of “no parking” must be computer printed signage, minimum 2” high letters printed on 11 x 17” landscape format and protected in a weatherproof sleeve. Absolutely no handwritten signage will be allowed. Day, date and time must be on the notification.
Please use noon and midnight instead of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Sun. Nov 5
6 a.m.- noon.

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1. How do I reserve street parking?
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