How will the study be done?

The study is a joint collaboration between Everett and Community Transit. Both agencies are equally represented in three groups to study technical, executive and policy issues for potential consolidation. An independent facilitator is leading the study and will keep each group on track.  

As defined in the agreement, these are the duties of each work group: 

Joint Policy Committee 
The Joint Policy Committee is comprised of six elected officials, including Everett’s Mayor, two Everett City Councilmembers, and three Community Transit Board Members. This committee represents the respective interests of residents of Everett and the Community Transit PTBA in considering and approving a final integration plan for Everett to join the PTBA. 

Executive Advisory Group 
The Executive Advisory Group is comprised of senior executive staff from Everett and Community Transit, including Community Transit’s CEO and Director of Planning & Development, Everett’s Deputy Mayor, Everett Transit’s Director of Transit and one or more members of Everett’s executive leadership. 

This group will support the Joint Policy Committee and provide guidance and review the work of the Technical Working Group. The Executive Advisory Group will work to resolve issues elevated by the Technical Working Group and will determine timing for presentation of recommendations to the Joint Policy Committee. 

Technical Working Group 
The Technical Working Group is made up of agency staff tasked with creating a draft plan outlining how the agencies would consolidate. This group will perform scoping work to determine the range of subjects to be addressed in the plan; organize the work program and secure resources to accomplish tasks; collect data, perform analyses, evaluate alternatives and develop recommendations for accomplishing agency consolidation; and provide relevant materials and analysis to the Executive Advisory Group and/or Joint Policy Committee at intervals to inform decision-making.

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