The opportunity details mention application scoring. What does this mean?

Human Needs Applications are scored by the Citizen Advisory Committee on a scale from 1 to 5 for each question. 

• 1 - Insufficient Answer; Unable to Score

• 2 - Insufficient Answer; Additional Information Needed

• 3 - Adequate Answer; No Remarkable Details

• 4 - Slightly Above Adequate Answer; No Remarkable Details, Answer Thoughtfully Prepared

• 5 - Outstanding Answer; No Additional Information Needed, Remarkable Details Included and Answer Thoughtfully Prepared

"Remarkable Details" can include information pulled from partnering agencies to show community need, collaboration with partners on funding opportunities, aggressive agency improvement in community regarding addressing priority need, or other details that display agency's ability to go above-and-beyond to address the need.

Scores are split into 3 categories: how the program addresses a community need; organizational capacity to fully execute the program; and community engagement (such as partnerships, equitable practices etc.). 

Scores are not shared between Committee members or applicants until the public hearing for award allocations. 

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5. The opportunity details mention application scoring. What does this mean?
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