The opportunity details mention application scoring. What does this mean?

Beginning with the 2023 Program Year all applications will be scored.

  • Funding recommendations are made by the Citizens Advisory Committee, which reviews annual applications and provides recommendations to City Council.
  • City staff will first review your application for completeness and organizational capacity. Incomplete applications will not move forward in the review process. 
  • Following staff review, Citizens Advisory Committee Members will review and score your application based on Need and Impact. 
  • Five questions will be scored based on addressing Community Need and Community Engagement. Scores are provided on a 0 - 5 or 8 scale. Highest possible score available is 25 points. 
  • An example of a scoring rubric is below: 
    1. 0 - No funding recommended.
    2. 1 - If application receives funding, I would recommend it at a significantly reduced amount.
    3. 3 - Would recommend funding at reduced ask, cannot elevate for strong funding recommendation.
    4. 5 - Strongly recommend funding at full ask.
  • Following reviews and scores from Committee members, a public hearing will be held for funding discussions and recommendations. Formal adoption on funding awards will occur during City Council action through resolution.

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