How do I register to be an applicant on AmpliFund?

For organizations registering in AmpliFund for the first time, create an applicant portal account by going to the City’s Grant Opportunities webpage at and clicking the 2024 Funding Opportunity link for the source of funds for which you are applying. 

This will launch AmpliFund where you can click “Register” to create an account.  

If your organization already has an account, please do not create an additional account. Instead provide login credentials and you will be directed back to the ‘Apply’ screen. 

Create one AmpliFund applicant portal account for the entire organization.  

The first user to register automatically becomes the Organization Administrator and can add other staff as needed to become users in the organization’s portal account. 

Your Designated Official who has legal authority to commit the organization to submit the application should also be established as an Organization Administrator for your account. 

It is strongly encouraged for each user to also register for an AmpliFund ZenDesk account which provides user guides, FAQs, instructional videos, help desk support and more. This is a separate registration. 

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