Why did the Parks Department create a Colby Avenue Tree Plan?

Parks has received numerous requests from the residents along Colby Avenue to remove the Colby Avenue median trees because of root invasion that has cracked and elevated streets and sidewalks. Additionally, there have been reports of limbs falling, and some residents are reporting allergic reactions to the leaves and hairs that come from the trees. As a result, the Parks and Facilities Department hired two independent consultants to conduct a tree study to assess the health of the trees along Colby Avenue.   In addition, the departments’ Arborist also did an assessment.  This information was shared with the Park Board/Tree Committee who felt that Parks needed to come up with a long-term plan for the Colby median trees.

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1. Why did the Parks Department create a Colby Avenue Tree Plan?
2. Are you planning on removing all the trees?
3. Why were trees removed in fall of 2020 and not the other trees along Colby Ave.?
4. What does remediate soils mean?
5. When will trees start to be removed?
6. Why doesn’t Parks just cut down all the trees and replant with new trees?
7. Why are the trees dead, dying or diseased along Colby Avenue?
8. If you take a tree down, are you going to plant a new tree in its place?
9. What trees are you planning to plant in place of the existing trees?
10. Why weren’t native species selected?
11. What surface would go underneath and between trees?
12. Why are only deciduous trees being planted instead of evergreen?