What is the process to replace the sidewalk?

A permit is needed to reconstruct sidewalks in the right-of-way. This is a requirement of the Everett Municipal Code (EMC) 13.80

The City offers a sidewalk replacement program.  Public Works partners with business and residential property owners to repair and replace sidewalks with city labor and equipment if the property owner pays for the cost of materials. For low-income, senior, or disabled residents that conform to RCW 84.36.381, 383 and 74.18.020, sidewalks will be replaced at no cost.


  1. Public Works staff will make contact with the property owner.
  2. An estimate will be given of materials cost.
  3. Projects needing repair will be prioritized.
  4. City staff will work with property owners to temporarily repair the sidewalk until permanent repairs can be made.

The waiting time for this popular service may be as long as 8 years. If you anticipate needing a sidewalk repair, make your request as early as possible to get on the waiting list. Due to the long waiting time, property owners are encouraged to repair or replace their sidewalks through another process or at their own expense.

Contact Public Works email to check on the status of a request or for more information.

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