How do I have sidewalks constructed in my neighborhood?

Sidewalks on residential streets are constructed by one of the following:

1. Local Improvement District – A Local Improvement District (LID) provides a way for property owners to get together to pay for street and alley paving, sanitary sewers, street lighting underground wiring, and in some situations sidewalks. 

2. Private consultation – Projects can include right-of-way improvements as required in EMC 13.68.

3. Hire a licensed and bonded contractor and pay the full cost for the sidewalk construction.  Everett Municipal Code (EMC 13.80) requires a permit for construction work in the right of way and the work must be performed by a licensed and bonded contractor.

Even though it is usually the abutting property owner that hires the contractor and pays to have the sidewalk constructed, a consortium of residents in the area can do the same.

Also see the Sidewalk Construction PDF for more information.

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