What's next for our Everett parks?

The PROS Plan is intended to help the City develop a vision and guiding principles, and achieve:

  • Equity and balance – how best can Everett provide parks and trails within 10 minutes of all residents in each of the five council districts?
  • Curiosity, wildness, and adventure –  how can Everett’s park system offer opportunities for education, connecting with nature, and facilities for human powered recreation?  
  • Environmental and economic resilience – how can Everett’s park system be managed, maintained, and grow in a fiscally sound way? How can the City adaptively manage a healthy tree canopy to promote clean air and water, and conserve habitat?

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1. What is a PROS Plan and why is the City developing one now?
2. What is the project timeline?
3. Where is my park?
4. What plans does this build on?
5. What's next for our Everett parks?
6. How can you get involved?