Where is my park?

Everett manages about 780 acres of property. This includes: more than 50 parks and green spaces throughout the city, golf courses, playgrounds, boat launches, sports courts and ball fields, contracted sports leagues, facility rentals, a community garden, ranger services and volunteer opportunities. Explore Everett parks and create your own adventure!

Everett’s focus is on providing and maintaining parks and recreation facilities for community enjoyment. Everett now contracts with recreation entities to bring programming to the community. For more information on the change in recreation resources see this page.

Other park and recreation providers in Everett include Snohomish County and the Port of Everett. School Districts also have assets that may be available after school hours. The PROS Plan Update will address the full range of park assets available in Everett from City and non-city providers. Understanding Everett’s niche and gaps in parks and recreation resources can help the City effectively focus its limited resources.

Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens

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1. What is a PROS Plan and why is the City developing one now?
2. What is the project timeline?
3. Where is my park?
4. What plans does this build on?
5. What's next for our Everett parks?
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