How is this pilot funded?

The Pallet Shelter Pilot is funded for one year through a grant from the Washington State Commerce office and a 1/10 of 1% sales tax allocation. It is funded by WA Dept. of Commerce grant funds and Snohomish County Human Services for upfront site development, purchase of 21 Pallet Shelters and operating cost for one year.

$ 985,149 from Washington State Dept. of Commerce grant + $55,000 from 1/10 of 1% Sales Tax Allocation- MAC = $1,040,149

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1. How is this pilot funded?
2. Will the City conduct outreach to all property and business owners along Smith Ave about the project, not just those within 500 feet of the site as the project moves forward?
3. What are the requirements for someone to live in the shelters? How will they be chosen?
4. What is the managing agency’s role? What is the City’s role in the Pallet Shelter Pilot?
5. How long do people typically live in these shelters before they transition to permanent housing?
6. What kinds of services will Pallet residents receive?
7. How many people will this project shelter?
8. Who is enforcing the rules and what happens if residents break the rules?
9. How is this any different than the tent cities we see in other communities?
10. Will the pallet project continue beyond the one year of current funding?
11. If successful, will additional locations be set up?