How can people participate in the transition plan?

People can read about the plan and participate at Everett’s online open house. We sent flyers and emails to local advocacy groups, providing information about the online open house and the various ways to provide feedback online or by phone.

The online open house includes the current draft version of the transition plan; an interactive mapping tool and form to report barriers; a PowerPoint presentation about the plan; and a link to attend a public meeting where we will be answering questions about the plan. There is also contact information provided for the ADA Compliance Team.

Feedback we get will be included in the final 2021 version of the plan. Our main goal for this feedback is to get public input on barriers and priorities. We welcome other feedback on the plan and will consider it when finalizing the current plan and future plans.

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1. What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
2. Why is Public Works developing the Public Right-of-Way ADA Transition Plan?
3. What is a pedestrian facility in the public right of way?
4. What is a barrier in a pedestrian facility?
5. Why is Public Works developing a transition plan now?
6. Is the plan being conducted by the city or a contractor?
7. What is Everett learning from their online open house and other input?
8. How can people participate in the transition plan?
9. How much money does Everett Public Works spend on ADA improvements?
10. What will the City do with the transition plan once it is completed?
11. How do Public Works staff stay up to date on the ADA?
12. Will the ADA Transition Plan include constructing new sidewalk?