Are rooming houses allowed in a single-family zone?

No, rooming houses are only allowed in multi-family and commercial zones, however the code does allow the following when living together as a single, not-for-profit housekeeping unit:

a. A group of not more than four related and unrelated adults and their related minor children, but not to exceed a total of eight related and unrelated persons; or

b. Not more than eight disabled persons, whether adults or minors, living together in a consensual residential living arrangement, but not to exceed a total of eight persons; or

c. State licensed adult family homes as defined by RCW 70.128.010; or

d. State licensed foster family homes and group care facilities as defined in RCW 74.15.020.

Note: the state legislature passed a bill (SB 5235) in the 2021 session, which affects the city’s limitation on unrelated persons within a dwelling. Planning staff are working to understand the implications and revise city code to comply with this new state law.

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