Where should my Knox Box be mounted?

Placement of Box

  • No farther than 6 feet from the main/primary entrance to the building/business in a wall-lit area.
  • Large buildings may be required to have two or more Knox Boxes
    • First box shall be no farther than 6 feet from the main/primary entrance in a wall lit area.
    • Additional box locations will be determined by the fire code official

Knox placement 1

  • Shared box
    • Business shall be located in the same building.
    • Box shall be properly sized to accommodate the number of keys.
    • The box shall be centrally located in a well-lit area on the building so it is easily recognized by first responders.
    • Red Fire Department Alert Decals shall be placed on the upper right hand corner of each businesses main door.

Knox placement 2

Mounting Heights 

  • Mounted to a building
    •  Mounting height shall be 6 feet
  • Mounted to a post
    • Minimum mounting height 3 feet
    • Maximum mounting height 5 feet

Additional Information 

  • All boxes shall be mount to a substantial building support, and each box will be inspected prior to keys be secured.
  • Surface mounted boxes shall be located in a manner to prevent persons from accidentally hitting the box and causing injury.

Knox placement 3

Please notify the Fire Marshal’s Office with any questions or concerns regarding the placement of your Knox Box.

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