We love this, when will the next installation be?

We love it too!   Our first installation (phase 1) at 41st St – Colby Ave was a maintenance test to see if we can reduce graffiti tagging by use of decorative wraps and it was a success.  Our signal maintenance crew is under-staffed by industry standards. This is a trial to update infrastructure in a way that leads to reduced graffiti call outs to more efficiently use our small crew.  

Our 2nd round of installations (phase 2) at Evergreen Way – Madison St and Evergreen Way – Holly Dr. were at locations that had been tagged with graffiti earlier this year.  This test ran 6 months from the beginning of September 2018 to March 2019. This test was also successful so we have engaged the vendor for one last round of testing.

Our last round of test installations was at Broadway – Pacific Ave on the 3 cabinets in the NE corner of the intersection. Two of these cabinets were painted green (which the vendor initially said they preferred not to wrap based on manufacturing reasons) and were also frequently tagged with graffiti. This test again ran 6 months from the beginning of August 2019 to February 2020. This test was also successful but due to the Coronavirus pandemic and our ongoing budget structural deficit, we have unfortunately had to temporarily suspend this program and we will not be installing any additional traffic wraps for the foreseeable future. We hope that once the economy recovers, we can once again move forward with our traffic wrap program.  Please check back in February 2022 for an update.

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1. We love this, when will the next installation be?
2. We love this, where will the next installation be?
3. We love this; can we have an installation at XX location?
4. Where do the designs come from? / Can I submit a design for a Traffic Wrap?
5. How much do the Traffic Wrap installations cost?
6. Will all traffic signal cabinets be candidates for wraps?
7. How many unsuitable cabinets are there?