Would this be a new law?

No, we have a law enforcement alarm ordinance that was enacted in 1978. The ordinance requires alarm registration and fines for repeated false alarms, and the ordinance was enforced through 1991. In 1991, enforced was stopped because the new software system utilized through our regional dispatch center did not support management of alarm registration, alarm tracking, and alarm billing. Since then, alarm systems have become very common, but have a high incidence of false alarms, making it a critical time for us to reevaluate the existing ordinance and associated practices. 

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1. What types of alarms does the ordinance apply to?
2. What is the impact on City resources?
3. What are the current statistics?
4. Would this be a new law?
5. How will these changes help to reduce negative impacts of false alarms?
6. What are the proposed updates?
7. How does this compare to other cities?