What is the impact on City resources?

Based on the total number of law enforcement alarm calls in 2017 (4,966), Everett Police respond to approximately 13.6 alarm calls per day, slightly more than one every two hours. Dispatch data shows that response and on-scene time averages 12.5 minutes per call, with two officers usually present. Assuming an average of two officers per call, the department is expending 2,070 hours per year in call time for alarm calls - slightly less than the amount of hours one full-time officer works each year.  

These calls are considered priority responses and take resources away from other calls. They also often involve code responses: patrol cars travelling at higher speeds creating greater risk of accidents and injuries.

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1. What types of alarms does the ordinance apply to?
2. What is the impact on City resources?
3. What are the current statistics?
4. Would this be a new law?
5. How will these changes help to reduce negative impacts of false alarms?
6. What are the proposed updates?
7. How does this compare to other cities?