How can I determine if my event is a "Special Event?"

If you are unsure if your event qualifies as a special event, or need assistance in identifying the appropriate category for your event, please contact the City Clerk's Office at or 425-257-8610. 

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1. How can I determine if my event is a "Special Event?"
2. How can I find more information if I'm interested in hosting a Special Event?
3. Do I need a special event permit or a right of way permit?
4. What if I have questions before I submitting a special event an application?
5. What is the time frame for submitting a special event application?
6. What fees are required for a special event permit?
7. When are special event permit fees due?
8. What if my special event is cancelled?
9. How do I determine if my special event needs insurance?
10. What final action will be taken with my special event application?