What is the public benefit?
The City of Everett is not allowed by the Washington State Constitution to gift public funds. The Film Office needs to account for the use of City streets, parks and buildings during filming.

Film companies may make donations to the following 501 c 3 organizations that benefit the city of Everett:

July 4th Fireworks Fund
Make check payable to: Everett July 4th Foundation
Mail check to:
c/o Economic Alliance Snohomish County
Attn: Alicia Marcelina,
808 134th St SW #101, Everett, WA 98204
(425) 743-4567
PDF of W-9

Parks Department Scholarship Fund
Make check payable to: Everett Parks Department Foundation
Jeff Price, (425) 257-7314, jprice@everettwa.gov
PDF of W-9

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10. What is the public benefit?