How can I help?
Not all beggars are homeless and many want money for alcohol or drugs. While opening your wallet or purse to get money, you are more likely to be victimized. There are many ways to help those in need without giving someone cash and the Everett Police Department recommends researching and giving to any of the numerous service organizations who specialize in assisting those in need. The City of Everett website has a list of charities.

Additionally, volunteering time with a charity that focuses on community service helps you better understand the needs of your community and how your efforts support others.

Finally, it is important to understand the involved issues to help make change. In July 2014, Mayor Stephanson convened the Community Streets Initiative Task Force which consisted of community members, business owners and service providers to study and create a comprehensive plan to help those in need.Safe Streets: Get Involved

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1. What is begging?
2. What is aggressive begging?
3. What is trespassing?
4. What is loitering?
5. What is unlawful camping?
6. What conduct is allowed when begging?
7. What conduct is NOT allowed when begging?
8. What do I do if confronted by an aggressive beggar?
9. What are the penalties of aggressive begging?
10. What do I do if I’m uncomfortable, but am not threatened?
11. Where is public property?
12. Can people block the sidewalk?
13. Can people sit or lay on the sidewalk?
14. If I’m a business owner, what do I do if someone is behaving irrationally or intimidating my customers?
15. If I’m a business owner, what do I do if someone is sleeping in a doorway?
16. If I’m a business owner, what do I do if there are unauthorized people on my property?
17. What is the police department doing to address these issues?
18. How can I help?
19. Is there additional information on panhandling?
20. Is there additional information on trespassing?