Beth is a young woman Lauren encountered near the Everett Gospel Mission (EGM) who stuck out like a sore thumb – she “clearly had no business being down there,” Lauren remembers. Lauren approached her to see what her story was. She informed Lauren that she was previously homeless and had a few months of sobriety under her belt. Lauren also found out that Beth was enrolled in Everett Community College and had been staying with her sister. She reported that she was near the Mission “looking for some friends.” After talking for a while, they both agreed that Smith Street was not a healthy choice of places for Beth to hang out early in recovery. Lauren met with Beth in her office and helped her adjust her FASFA student loan amounts so that she could afford an apartment while attending school; she did not know that she could take out loans to cover living expenses. Beth continues to touch base with Lauren. Beth is doing well in her classes and attends NA meetings regularly. (November 2015)

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1. Andrew*
2. Angela
3. Beth
4. Clint
5. Devin
6. Eric