Angela is Andrew’s fiancée and is currently in Snohomish County Jail until early December. Lauren has met with her almost weekly while she has been incarcerated to form a solid discharge plan. Upon release, Angela plans to go to FareStart, a job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals in Seattle, a plan which Lauren fully supports. Lauren has committed to escort her down there for the orientation so that Lauren can meet the staff and introduce Everett’s program. “I will help her with the entry process however I am able to,” Lauren said.

During the 4-month FareStart program, Angela will be housed and receive culinary training. She has also received a 12-step meeting list for the downtown Seattle area, which will allow her to start planning her support schedule. Both Andrew and Angela are supportive of each other in recovery, and both acknowledge that they each need to work on themselves before they can join again in sobriety. Lauren is looking forward to the next step of Angela’s progress when she is released and can begin her journey through FareStart and beyond. (November 2015)

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