Andrew* is a young man Lauren helped get into detox. He left treatment after 30 days, and made his way back to Everett, where he has been staying with his cousin and working in landscaping. Andrew calls Lauren every day to check in, and has come by her office numerous times to update her on his progress. He is attending at least one Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting per day and has been going to church on Sundays, which he reports is very helpful to him. Andrew has remained sober since leaving treatment. He and Lauren have made plans for him to help him update his resume and start applying for Everett-area jobs requiring a Commercial Driver License.

Andrew recently asked Lauren to accompany him on a tour of a sober living house, to get her input on whether or not she thought it would be a positive environment for him. Lauren also arranged for Andrew to get a chemical dependency (CD) assessment, and escorted him to the facility for the assessment. He started intensive outpatient treatment soon after his CD assessment. Andrew is doing great, and Lauren plans to continue to support him. (November 2015)

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1. Andrew*
2. Angela
3. Beth
4. Clint
5. Devin
6. Eric