Can I have an outdoor fire on my property?

Normally yes, but there are conditions.

The City of Everett is a permanent no-burn area. However, small recreational fires are allowed if they are:

  • under 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall
  •  use only charcoal or seasoned firewood (not dimensional lumber)
  •  Not within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material unless in an approved appliance with a clearly visible manufacturer’s listing and installed per manufacturer’s listing. Conditions which could cause a fire to spread within 25 feet of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition. 

No burn barrels! Burn barrel use was banned in Washington in 2000, and burning garbage has been illegal since 1967. 

During hot dry summer months Snohomish County will occasionally require a temporary burn ban. This means that even recreational fires are prohibited. Please check the Snohomish County Fire Marshal’s Office website to see if there is a current ban in effect. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) will also sometimes require a temporary burn ban due to air quality problems. Please check the PSCAA website for the current air quality ban status. To report an outdoor fire during these burn bans you can also file an online complaint or call PSCAA at call 1-800-552-3565.

City of Everett Municipal Code Reference

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