What are the criteria for a new facility?

The following are the initial physical criteria:

• Any new outdoor multipurpose facility should be built and operated to be inclusive and accessible with a broad range of affordable opportunities.

• Any new outdoor multipurpose stadium should be built on a site that creates the strongest possible economic multiplier impact on the surrounding real estate, businesses, and venues.

• Any new outdoor multipurpose facility should meet the minimum stadium requirements of a High-A Minor League baseball club.

• The facility should provide 2,800 – 3,200 fixed seats for baseball fans and should easily convert to an “amphitheater” setting with up to 5,000 seats for a concert or community event.

• Robust public transportation should be available to the facility and sufficient parking should be provided or available within comfortable walking distance of the stadium. 

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10. What are the criteria for a new facility?
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12. Will a new outdoor multipurpose facility raise taxes?