How did the 2021 Minor League readjustment affect the Everett AquaSox?

In 2021, Major League Baseball reconfigured Minor League baseball, eliminating 40 teams and two levels of leagues. In the process, MLB promoted the Everett AquaSox to Class High-A, the third highest level of players and teams in Minor League Baseball. 

• The Everett AquaSox season was extended from a short season (late-May to early-September) to a long season (mid-April to late-September). The AquaSox now play 66 home games, almost twice as many games as in a short season. 

• The Everett AquaSox were given new stadium requirements. The MLB’s stadium requirements are expansive, affecting nearly every aspect of the stadium. The stadium upgrades are meant to provide more inclusive facilities, a better fan experience and foster a more professional working environment for the players and staff.

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