What is the recent history of the Everett AquaSox in Everett?

From 1984 to 2020, the Everett Aquasox provided professional athletic events, business partnerships, local business impacts, community pride and entertainment for all ages and income levels as a Class A Short Season baseball team. They played about 35 home games per season, between late May and early September, at the Everett School District-owned Funko Field. They are currently affiliated with the Seattle Mariners, but originally, the AquaSox were affiliated with the San Francisco Giants.

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1. What is the recent history of the Everett AquaSox in Everett?
2. How did the 2021 Minor League readjustment affect the Everett AquaSox?
3. Is Funko Field able to suit the Everett AquaSox?
4. Would a new stadium at the current location solve all the problems?
5. Who is leading the effort on a new facility?
6. What are the owners willing to contribute to a new facility?
7. How will the facility improve the quality of life in Everett?
8. Will a new facility be used only for baseball/the Everett AquaSox?
9. What are the economic benefits of a new stadium for the City of Everett?
10. What are the criteria for a new facility?
11. How much might the facility cost?
12. Will a new outdoor multipurpose facility raise taxes?