Why have you chosen these locations?

The Horizon Elementary school zone along Casino Road will be the first active photo enforcement location. This site was chosen after consulting with the Everett Police Department and Traffic Engineering since Casino Road is a major arterial with documented speeding issues during school drop-off and pick-up times. 

In analyzing the locations and approaches for photo enforcement, the City of Everett chose the locations with the highest number of crashes with citations for failure to obey the signal. Public Works staff reviewed the latest crash data and narrowed the potential locations down to intersections with traffic signals that were in the top 20 for overall crashes in the City of Everett. Next, the City looked at intersections with the highest crash rate, the highest injury crash rate and the highest number of crashes that were cited for failure to stop at a red light. Based on this review, six locations were selected: 

    Northbound and eastbound Evergreen Way at Casino Road. 

    Northbound Evergreen Way at 4th Avenue West.

    Northbound and southbound Broadway at 16th Street. 

    Eastbound Evergreen Way and 112th Street SW. 

    Northbound and southbound Rucker Avenue at 41st Street.  

    Westbound 7th Avenue SE at Everett Mall Way. 

All proposed red light photo enforcement locations are a mile or more apart, and they are on busy roads with high traffic volumes and higher operating speeds.

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5. Why have you chosen these locations?
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