When will you start giving out tickets?

All camera locations must be clearly marked at least 30 days before the camera is activated. As many other municipalities have done, the City of Everett will impose temporary grace periods after the cameras are activated to educate drivers without ticketing them. During this time, warnings will be issued to drivers instead of fines. 

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1. Why is Everett installing traffic safety cameras?
2. Will I get a ticket for running a yellow light?
3. When will you start giving out tickets?
4. What is the City doing about privacy concerns?
5. Why have you chosen these locations?
6. What data is being collected to understand the impact of the cameras?
7. How will photo enforcement data be used?
8. What has the City of Everett done to make sure that the community is aware of the Photo Enforcement Program?
9. How much is the fine?
10. Where does the money from citations go?
11. How can the public check to see how the money was used?