Police Department


3002 Wetmore Ave
Everett, WA 98201


Link: Police Department Page

To report a crime / Contact an officer:
Emergency: 911
Non-emergencies w/ no immediate danger to life or property: 425-407-3999

Link: Police Administration Page

Name Title Email Phone
Templeman, Dan Chief of Police 425-257-8460
DeRousse, John Deputy Chief of Investigations & Services 425-257-8408
St. Clair, Mark Deputy Chief of Operations 425-257-8460
Neussendorfer, Joe Office of Professional Standards Inspector 425-257-8555
Fudge, David North Patrol Captain 425-257-8550
Irving, Jeraud Investigations Captain 425-257-8461
Lineberry, Greg Services Division Captain 425-257-8557
Sniffen, Rod South Patrol Captain 425-257-7508

Crime Prevention & Gang Response 
Link: Crime Prevention Page

Name Title Email Phone
Fletcher, Anthony Gang Education & Prevention Officer 425-754-6808
Graham, Andre Civilian Volunteer - Gang Education & Prevention 425-923-8265
Wold, Yuliya Crime Prevention Officer 425-257-7497

General Staff 
Link: What We Do

Name Title Email Phone
Bosman, Bruce Special Operations Lieutenant 425-257-8404
Dalberg, Ryan North Night Lieutenant 425-257-8455
Duffy, Jim North Day Lieutenant 425-257-8442
Marshall, Bob Investigations Lieutenant 425-257-8434
Olafson, Ted South Day Lieutenant 425-257-7509
Strieck, Jerry Administrative Services Lieutenant 425-257-7410
White, Karen South Night Lieutenant 425-257-7510
Allen, Kevin North Administrative Sergeant 428-257-8474
Collier, James Property Crimes Sergeant 425-257-8494
Collings, Tim Training Unit Sergeant 425-257-7491
Erickson, Phil Major Crimes Sergeant 425-257-8552
Hacker, Maryjane Administrative Services Sergeant 425-257-7493
Hendrickson, Jeff Pro-Active Unit Sergeant 425-257-7429
Higginbotham, Chip Special Assault Sergeant 425-257-8444
Mekelburg, Matt Financial Crimes Sergeant 425-257-8419
Morgan, Tim Traffic Safety Sergeant 425-257-7550
Reeves, Tim Youth Services Sergeant 425-257-7552
Woods, Joe Gang Response Unit Sergeant 425-257-8454
Yeadon, Brett South Administrative Sergeant 425-257-7520
Zeka, John Community Outreach & Enforcement Team Sergeant 425-257-7411

Media Relations 
Link: Media Relations Page

Name Title Email Phone
Snell, Aaron Public Information Officer 425-257-7444

Parking Enforcement 
Link: Parking Enforcement Page

Name Title Email Phone
North Area, Parking     425-257-8437