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Due to current COVID 19 restrictions, Everett City Council is currently holding its public meetings remote only and will hold in-person meetings in conjunction with a remote meeting platform when restrictions and conditions change.


The public may participate remotely using a Zoom link once you have registered to speak at  You must register by 6:00 p.m. March 30, 2022.  

The public may provide public comment remotely during the meeting or submit by e-mail to the Everett City Council at [email protected] or mail to 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 9A, Everett, WA 98201. Emailing comment 24 hours prior to the meeting will ensure your comment is distributed to Councilmembers and appropriate staff. 

NOTE: All public comment and testimony are public records and may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Public Records Act, RCW Chapter 42.56. Any contact information you provide, including address, e-mail address, and phone number, will be available to the public on the Council’s website.



6:30 P.M., WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2022



Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Land Acknowledgment


Approval of Minutes: March 23, 2022


Mayor’s Comments


Council Comments/Liaison Reports


Award and authorize the purchase of four Ford vehicles with Clary Longview LLC dba Bud Clary Ford/Hyundai from Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Contract #05916/COE #2018-117.


Administration Update on prior business


City Attorney


Public Comment




(1) Adopt Resolution authorizing claims against the City of Everett in the amount of $1,545,473.57 for the period of March 12, 2022 through March 18, 2022.

  1. res-79.pdf

(2) Adopt Resolution authorizing payroll claims against the City of Everett in the amount of $4,549,017.74 for the period ending March 12, 2022.


(3) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Agreement for Transit Education and Field Trip Program with Imagine Children’s Museum in the amount of $24,000 annually.


(4) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Water Quality Combined Financial Assistance Agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology in the amount not to exceed $255,153.


(5) Approve the Mayor’s acceptance of a $11,494 bequest from the Katherine Huffendick Charitable Trust for the Fund for the Animals (Fund 151).


(6) Award and authorize the Mayor to sign contract for Request for Proposal #2021-090 General RFP for Parks Partnerships for concession services at Phil Johnson Ballfields to Schnack Shack LLC.


(7) Adopt a Resolution declaring 1,360 feet of 12-inch SDR9 Ductile iron pipe Size HDPE surplus and authorizing sale to the Port of Everett for the amount of $47,287.20, plus Washington state sales tax.

  1. Surplus Pipe.pdf

(8) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Everett Police Department as a member agency of the WSP Interagency Bomb Squad.




(9) CB 2203-09 – 2nd Reading - Adopt an Ordinance creating a Special Improvement Project entitled “41st Street to Rucker Avenue Corridor Phase 2” Fund 303, Program 123 and repealing Ordinance No. 3836-21. (3rd and final Reading on 4-6-22).


(10) CB 2203-10 – 2nd Reading - Adopt an Ordinance creating a Special Improvement Project entitled “WFP Phase 2 Capital Upgrades” Fund 336, Program 021. (3rd and final Reading on 4-6-22).




(11) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Community Solar property lease with Snohomish County PUD in the form substantially provided.

  1. Comm Solar.pdf



(12) Authorize city staff to apply for and the Mayor to approve and sign all documents relating to the 2023 Congressionally Directed Spending and all documents related to acceptance of the grant.


(13) Authorize city staff to apply for and the Mayor to approve and sign all documents relating to the 2022 Low-no and 2022 Bus and Bus Facilities for $16,575,000 and all documents related to acceptance of the grant.


(14) Reject MSI claim of error, accept the MSI bid, and award the contract for Evergreen Pump Station Modifications to MSI in the amount of $4,863.152.90, and, in the case of MSI failure to execute the contract as required, authorize Mayor (1) to accept Alia bid and award contract to Alia in the amount of $5,480,782.29 and (2) to take all necessary steps to enforce MSI’s bid bond.

  1. EPS Award_ PDF.pdf

(15) Adopt Resolution approving the City of Everett 2022 Surface Water Comprehensive Plan.


(16) Adopt Resolution establishing the City Council Rules of Procedure for the conduct of Council and repealing Resolution No. 7719.


COUNCIL BRIEFING AGENDA: (These items come before the City Council serving as a Council Committee of the Whole and are likely to be scheduled at a future meeting.)


(17) This item has been pulled - Economic Development Strategy 2022 – 2025.

  1. Econ Dev.pdf

(18) CB 2203-11 – 1st Reading – Adopt the Proposed Ordinance approving the appropriates of the 2022 revised City of Everett Budget and amending Ordinance No. 3838-21. (3rd and final reading on 4-13-22).


Executive Session



Everett City Council agendas can be found, in their entirety, on the City of Everett Web Page at

Everett City Council meetings are recorded for rebroadcast on the Everett Channel, Comcast Channel 21 and Frontier Channel 29, at 12:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday; 2 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thursday; 7 p.m. Friday and Sunday; 10:00 a.m., Saturday.

The City of Everett does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment in, its programs or activities. Requests for assistance or accommodations can be arranged by contacting the Everett City Council Office

 at 425 257-8703.